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The difference between Suse 10.1 and SLED 10 (As far as I can Tell)

SLED 10 Has:
~GLX installed as default
~The Gnome Interface is altered to Novell's own "usablilty study standards", and works very well, IMO.
~Beagle Search completely integrated (Very much like what WinFS was supposed to do)
~Turning on the 3D effects are a snap (Automatically installs proper nVidia or ATi drivers for you)
~Flash, Java, MP3 codecs, and a couple other non-free packages installed already, for convenience.
~More automatic intigration with Windows Network boxes (Whether on an active directory Domain, or just a Home WorkGroup)
~Better hardware detection (Or, so I've read)
~Enhanced Open Office 2.x that can understand VB Macros.

The last Suse I installed was 10.0... so I don't know the exact enhancments in 10.1. I do know that you have to install XGL seprately and things are not as integrated.

Since RC 3 is free... I really suggest trying it.

I'm pretty hooked. I'll prolly buy it when it finally get's released... and I haven't 'purchased' a distro in 10 years. Heh.


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