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Default Out of frequency range problem. System is unuasble

I've got Ubuntu 5.10 breezy badger installed on my PC. The problem is once the PC starts and OS boots, screen shows nothing but jaggies and a small table, which says "out of frequency range: 23.4-78.4" or something relevant. I tried editing in recovery mode the xorg-conf file's line refresh rate to a lot of values(including those officially said to work with my LCD (24-85 horiz and 55-75 vert)) and some other stuff...
Can somebody help me with this issue?
Video adapter: 6600 TD
LCD: Iiyama prolite E430
OS: Ubuntu 5.10 amd64 on a64 CPU

p.s. maybe installation of the most up-to-date Nvidia drivers would help, though I don't actually know how to do it in recovery mode. Could someone help me about this? Thanks
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