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Under Windows 98 SE the nVidia drivers worked fine. The problem only occurs under Windows 95. But the drivers claim to be W95-compatible.

This computer is a Gateway. The invoice says Tabor III mobo. Linux tells me its chipset is Intel 440BX. The Win95 I'm trying to use is the original release, Version 4.00.950.

I have tried installing the Intel INF file recommended for this chipset and OS, and I have tried not installing it. I have tried the drivers from nVidia's site and I have tried the bare-bones drivers from Gateway. In all cases, once the drivers have been ingested by W95, the system won't boot.

I looked on both Gateway and Intel's web site for additional GART drivers for this chipset and found none. As far as I can tell, Tabor doesn't exist.

The one thing I still need to do is inspect the Gateway drivers CD that came with the computer to see if there are any Windows 95 drivers on it. The PC originally shipped with Win98SE, but maybe they were feeling generous.
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