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Default Will someone tell me a mmorpg that i don't need to dowload or pay anything at all!!!!


i have played these games

Runescape (Some People liked it, but me, i got bored with it after a while. You can pay a monthly fee to upgrade your account)

Adventure Quest (Ok Game, you may find it boring after a while, not really an mmorog though cause you can only see your character. You can pay $15.00 for a basic upgrade, which alows you to go into the server when it is full, you can also pay an extra $5.00 to that and get an even more upgraded account.)

Sherwood Dungeon (Great game, still in beta, but it needs better thing. No upgrade in the game, means entirely free, BUT it recognizes your ip address so you can only make one character per computer)

If you have heard of anymore free mmorpg's with no dowload, TELL ME!!!!
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