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Default Re: Post here if you think nVidia should hurry the **** up with their XOrg 7.1 driver

Xorg 7.1 has been out for some time now, and certainly long enough to for Nvidia to update their driver... the ABI changes can't be that much of a hurdle.

I've been running xorg 7.1 for over two months, and the font problem for one is really annoying. Solve the invisible fonts and GLX stops working -- now google earth won't run.

A long term nvidia buyer (5 of their cards) and exclusive linux user, it'd be nice not to have to consider alternatives to nvidia every time I recommend linux h/w to other users.... where's the choice; we need an open h/w 3D accelerator, so the community can maintain the driver.

Can't nvidia open source the parts of the driver that'll need to be kept in sync with xorg development? Or change their release cycle so unsupported drivers are available between stable releases -- to avoid the deluge of calls for help.

Whatever happens, get something out now!
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