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Default KPPP error - but my ISP wont help!

God help me.

If not, please somone who reads this post

I'm new to linux, but had some help installing it. Originaly I installed Red Hat 8, and on first boot ran the 'Linux' option as opposed to the 'Linux-smp' option. (I do have duel processors, but didnt know that smp stood for 'supports multi processors')

I then jumped on the net (on another computer) and downloaded the linux drivers for my winmodem. Installed and dialed-up using KPPP all nice and smooth. Ya the internet worked.

Then somone told me about smp so I changed to that. Now the modem didn't work. (The drivers I had were not for smp) However after downloading them on another machine and installing them it still didn't work.

In goes my Red Hat CD and reinstalled it all, this time only running linux-smp and installing the correct drivers. Now I'm getting a new error message that my ISP cant help me with because they dont support lunix.

The new error message im getting follows: (taken from the kppp diagnostic tool)
The remote system does not seam to answer to configuration request! Contact your provider

(Like I said, I did that and my ISP said they didnt support linux. The best they could do was point me to this forum)

The PPP log returns:
LCP: timeout sending config request

Please O' Please! Somone help me!
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