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Try to dig up Win95C (OEM Service Release 2.5) from one of the wonderful online sources out there. It's the most "up to date" version of 95.

95 is lacking in good USB and AGP support, btw. You may just want to dig up a Voodoo2 or Voodoo3 PCI.

I am actually quite surprised that you are having probs with 9x games in 98SE. I don't think I've ever seen that. I use 98SE for all my retro machines and 9x games. It really is the best of the lot. I have a Pentium Pro 1MB @ 233MHz w/ 98SE that I've run all sorts of strange games on, including VIRGE-accelerated games(!!). I also use 98SE's DOS 7 for dos games, such as Wing Commander 3. I have a PCI Radeon in it right now, only because I wanted SVideo out. Otherwise I've used all sorts of cards in it, from Riva TNT, S3 Virge, Voodoo3, and Voodoo2 SLI.

I actually do have a GF2MX 200 in the drawer, lol. Ok card. Very sharp 2D believe it or not. That's shocking for a GF2-era NV card.

What games are you having probs with in 98SE?
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