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Default Re: Post here if you think nVidia should hurry the **** up with their XOrg 7.1 driver

Ah well, the actual topic for this thread is dead, so why not head off-topic

I also have bought only nVidia for a long time... from a TNT2-M64 (ah, the nostalgia!), to a GeForce4-Ti4200, 5900XT, 7800GT and fanless 7300GS. The TNT2 is retired, the last 4 cards are all running Linux. I have also moved to nVidia platforms, with nForce4 on my workstation and 6100/410 on my HTPC.

It has to be said though, that my 5 cards and your 5 cards hardly make a compelling business case for nVidia to support . With the recent release of xorg 7.1 and the upcoming (well... mid-2007 perhaps) release of Windows Vista, which one do you think is going to get the resources allocated to it?

I do think that nVidia should hurry the **** up with their drivers, and I can sympathise with you because having installed 7.1, it's not easy to revert back to 7.0 and so you're left with a partially broken system until nVidia makes a new release, but believe me: talking about it in this forum won't make any difference
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