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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

well, i just found out that a new chapter to guild wars is already in beta testing!! Guild Wars Nightfall!! i love it!! guild wars and factions are the only games i have installed on my pc.. good good times..

here are the 2 new profesions

"The Paragon
The paragon isn't meant to be a frontline fighter. Instead, the paragon is best suited in a support role as a battle commander, capable of supporting teammates by throwing spears and using verbal chants and shouts that can boost the fighting abilities of those nearby. And the paragon's angelic nature isn't just aesthetic, as this profession's presence can help teammates resist hexes and other curses.

It's easy to identify paragons on the battlefield, thanks to their angelic look. Even the paragon's armor is saintly in appearance, thanks to the incorporation of ivory and mother of pearl in its materials. And if that weren't enough, a paragon's metal armor usually has the form of wings engraved in it. It's no wonder that the Elonians in the game believe that paragons are guardian angels sent by the gods to serve as champions for the people.

The Dervish
If the paragon is best while standing back from a fight, the dervish is at home in the heart of one. These holy warriors are capable of striking at multiple targets simultaneously with their wicked scythes. Of course, they're armed with a whirling, spinning attack that's perfect for when in the middle of a bunch of foes. Dervishes can also cast spells on themselves that aid in their assault, and the profession has various healing and protection abilities as well. The profession's most powerful ability, however, is to temporarily transform into the physical embodiment of a god.

Since the profession is part warrior and part priest, dervishes are clad in robes rather than armor. Protection comes mainly from the dervish's agility in battle, as well as the various protection enhancements and spells. In addition to the robe, dervishes are equipped with bracers on their arms, and they're constantly hooded to show their humility to their gods. -GameSpot"
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