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Wink Re: legacy: suspend works, but cooling fan doesnt restart

You are right. Another step to the solution Thank you.

I dont even need to unload/reload the nvidia-module. Its enough to restart the
X-server ... and the fan turns on. Maybe someone must say to the driver "hello
again, now please start working". I also tried different other methods to make
this happen, but nothing works - except restarting the first X-server.

Neither changing screen resolution (CTRL+ALT+PLUS), nor starting another
additional X-server on another virtual terminal does the task for me. Not even
the 3D-mode activated by playing a first-person-shooter (Yes Enemy-Territory
is fluendly playable with this card ... lol) changes anything. But the card gets
quickliy _very_ hot. So I think its not that much fun after some minutes.

I have to reboot...
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