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I got an nForce 420-D back in February with an Athlon XP 1900+ Not really looking for a new setup until the Hammers come out though.

Though I went with the nForce, there is one thing that could make me pass on an nForce2 if it comes to pass. No way in hell do I want Palladium or SSSCA mandated hardware. If nVidia includes that dratted chip (and this goes for any manufacturer) and another does not....I hate all this DRM hardware nonsence they are proposing. I was thinking an nForce2 or latter (which supports Hammer) back before rumor held nVidia might go along with this Palladium nonsence...

When this gets included in the CPUs Gawd help us all though... A motherboard one might be able to buy cross seas (if Hollings and Co get laws mandating this for all products sold in the US) but what alternatives are there to both Intel and AMD that will run our x86 software? Yuck, plz don't even mention Cyrix

I do hope newer nForce drivers come out soon though. My nForce1 chipset could use some driver updates.

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