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Question I think a silver capacitor came off my old GF4 Ti4200 video card!


I was removing my old dusty Leadtek GeForce 4 Ti4200 video card out of my computer case. I heard and saw something fell off.

I looked at the piece and it looked like a silver capacitor with its black base part came off. Under the black base part were two circular recentangle shapes (conduction?). It doesn't look busted or anything. I think it just needs to be reglued(?)/resoldered(?) back on to the board. Or can I use the card without this piece?

The top said label said:
2 6
6 A

I believe I found where it came from on the video card because there was an empty spot with the same two circular recentangle shapes. Also, I noticed some old glue (dark orange/brownish color) on them too. Next to it has a label: C2302.

I wonder this is what caused that one incident for my Linux lose video signal one time a few months ago (almost like my XFX card incidents). See (GF4 Ti4200) and (XFX GeForce 6800) for details. I assume heat caused this to occur because my room is always hot (can be up to 90F degrees!).

Is it safe to reuse this video card? What do I need to put this piece back?
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