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Default Sli question

I installed the newest nvidia drivers on ubuntu dapper but sli is not recognized.
I probably just forgot to do something simple cos I'm uber new with linux but I have no idea, really.. so here's all my info and the bug report and maybe one of you can make sense of it. I dunno if you guys need any of this info.. but here goes
a8n32 sli deluxe
nvidia geforce 7600 gt 256mb x 2
corsair 1gb ddr pc 3200 x 2
quantum fireball 12gb hd salvaged from my old hp computer (this is the drive I run linux on)
western digital 400 gb (for windows)
sony dvd rw dru 820a
no name floppy I bought on ebay for .50
saitek eclipse
logitec mx 500
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