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Default Re: Can't switch from xserver console vt7 to any text console

I am having the same problem with the same drivers under Gentoo, but I am using a GE6150 based graphics. The problem was discussed a few days ago on this forum in the thread "Ge6150: Switching back to console fails". While I thought initially that I have made something wrong with the configuration, I believe now that this is a driver problem. I have exhausted virtually every possibility for changing the configuration in grub.conf and xorg.conf, but the problem remains unsolved and nobody was able to come up with a solution so far. It seems I need to buy a new graphics card, but I just do not know which one is working well.....

It may be acceptable temporarily not to use the console until the driver is fixed, but I do not know when this is going to happen, if ever. It is a serious problem though that I cannot see any messages on shutdown.
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