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Default Re: 7900GT poor performance

I can't see how the fan is going to change the fact that the driver is being told the temperature is over 200C.
I wasn't suggesting a new fan would fix it, I was simply commenting that I didn't want to install the fan unless the original problem was something I could fix because modifying the card would probably void any warrenty or at least make it harder for me to return it.
If the card is under warranty, I'd recommend getting it replaced.
Thanks, I emailed them today but it's a Saturday so if I don't hear back by Monday afternoon I'll give them a call and find out the details.
If it's not under warranty you might be able to build a custom bios with nibitor with the temperature monitor disabled. You won't get temp readings anymore, but it won't be reporting temperatures to the driver anymore either.
Thanks for the suggestion, definitely sounds like a last resort but if I can't return the card it might be my best shot. I'll look into it

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