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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

if it is fast enough with some apps, and some others have problems, maybe it's the app.
No, nvidia devs confirmed the problem. I am too lazy to start this discussion every time again and again when I add another piece of information.

ok. but thats my understanding of 2D. the CPU does the rendering stuff, the GFX card only displays it on the monitor.
First of all OOo does not do double-buffering nore does it support subpixel-AA, therefor its fully accalerated anyway.
There are chips that do basically just what you described (well, basically they also support the full 2d stack today, since it doesn't make much difference wether you support them or not keeping die size in mind), but there are priced arround 10$, if I pay 100$ I would like to get something which is worth the money.
Furthermore I guess you've never had X running on top of a VESA-FB display which is horrible slow and CPU hogging, otherwise you would not throw arround with such statements.

lg Clemens
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