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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by Linuxhippy
3.) Well then I whish you a lot of fun with XFCE. Keep in mind you're GPU practically does nothing more than displaying the stuff calculated by you CPU *lol
Its a bit like changing your car just because with the tires you put onto it you can't driver more than 50km/h.
That's how pretty much any game made in DirectDraw and SDL work, and how computers have worked for ages. And hey, I can scroll around firefox and subpixel hinted text without my CPU usage hiking to 100%, so GTK is better optimzed SOMEWHERE. Maybe it keeps a few copies of the text prerendered, so it only has to render once. Even if the text was rendered once in software, and all copying thereafter was done in software, it would still be faster than rerendering the text every time in hardware.

I have a bunch of nvidia cards lying around, my current is a GF 6200 AGP, it's slow as heck in KDE w/ subpixel hinting, as is my GF4MX, and my Ti4200. There're all fine in GTK apps.

Even if I switch to the Vesa driver, most KDE applications are still slower than GTK applications at subpixel rendering. Ie, how kwrite sucks, and how kedit is fine. KDE is doing something wrong, somewhere, and they refuse to accept that. I asked the guy who closed the bug I opened on kdebugs why it was closed. He said he experienced no slowdowns. I asked what kind of system he had...quad dual core xeon 3.0ghz and 2gb of ram. Gee, I wonder why his PC was fine.

The problem happens in all drivers, and on all cards, I gaurentee it. I spent so many hours switching video cards and pulling out my hair trying to find the cause.

If you have a 500mhz k62 with a Geforce 2mx, and it's faster than a 6600GT and an athlon 64 3400, it doesn't matter unless you're using the same hard drive to test them both, with the same software and everything. You can't single out the problem without doing so, it's impossible. There are too many variables.

If you can test several Nvidia video cards in your PC, and if an older one actually is faster than a newer one _IN THE SAME PC_, Nvidia _WILL_ consider this a driver bug and it _WILL_ be investigated and fixed(eventually...har har ) by Nvidia. No one has been able to do this, I've tried, and I've given up.

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