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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by d13f00l
The problem happens in all drivers, and on all cards, I gaurentee it.
No, it doesn't.

If you can test several Nvidia video cards in your PC, and if an older one actually is faster than a newer one _IN THE SAME PC_, Nvidia _WILL_ consider this a driver bug and it _WILL_ be investigated and fixed(eventually...har har ) by Nvidia. No one has been able to do this, I've tried, and I've given up.
Several here and elsewhere have done this. I changed cards, problem appeared, nothing else changed. I know it affects 6800gt cards with supported drivers, and it even affects a 5600 card with the same affected drivers, what it doesn't affect (as bad) are older drivers that only work with pre-6*** cards but that's of no use because a 6800 card won't work with those older drivers and most likely they won't work with current kernels.
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