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Originally Posted by flukester
Gun pointed at your head.

Don't say such nasty stuff.

Steam sucks, everyone knows it and you're not funny, their forums are filled with Steam haters, every magazine I know discredits it and always asks if you can install "without" Steam. That to me assures me everyone feels the same.

Steam sucks.

Of course you can be a sheep like everyone and swallow whatever they shove down your throat. However, I am different. Games should be sold in boxes on store shelves without any overhead garbage to ensure I am not a thief.
Yeah your so different so you had to go and point out forum objections to it and every magazine that you know hates it... must be some obscure magazines since PC Gamer, PC Gaming World, EGM and Game Informer have praised it and valves work with smaller developers.

You do know that the people who bitch are usually in the minority and make the most noise right? Valves sales prove that the steam distrobution method is working and is liked. If SOOOOO many people hated it then the titles on it wouldn't be selling so well...

Oh and if everyone "knows" that steam sucks then how come the majority of posts here don't agree with that...

shooo troll