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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

A friend gave me his 10 day trial code for this and has coaxed me into playing it. He got his girlfriend totaly addicted to it as well. She has a higher level character than he does.

Im a level 7 Dwarf Hunter right now...

I never was much of an MMORPG person, so it didnt surprise me that this felt pretty much the same as everything else. It seems like it probably has a lot to offer, but I just dont have the patience for stuff like this. The combat is pretty boring (again, this coming from someone who doesnt normally like this kind of thing anyway) and overall it just feels like a pretty standard RPG except there are other players running around at the same time.

It probably helps to get into big groups (which I plan on trying shortly) but so far the game hasnt really... uhhh... "WOWed" me... (pun intended )

I'll keep cracking at it... I've still got a week or so left of the trial. But I probably wont be plunking down my $$$ monthly for this one. I did it with UO and I ended up paying for a few months and not really playing that much.

Im also pretty disapointed with the graphics. It looks "neat" but for being only a year old, the overall quality of the graphics is pretty shoddy. Really simplistic retexturing for different items and characters, mostly blurry textures, very "pointy" models and objects.

It runs really well though, so I guess it evens out a bit.

I did have some really irritating freezing a couple nights ago though. In ironforge the game froze my entire system up (with the music still playing though) twice, requiring me to hit the reset button both times. I made sure it wasnt my system (ran 3 instances of rthdribl and one instance of prime95 at the same time for 20 minutes while browsing the web without a single hiccup) so I have no idea what caused 2 total freezes like that. It ran fine tonight though.

I just thought Id post my input on the game since this is the first MMORPG I've played in over a year.
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