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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

I have 4 l60 toons, 1 rank 13 the others 10 and 1x14. One thing i like about in this game is pvp..its pretty fast action..there is some 'imbalance' here and pummel miss on priest..starts healing like a biatch :/..though once i got my rank 14 axe and 37% crit..people usually run away before i can get to them ...

The only thing in this game is the PvP is just..well..kinda gets boring after awhile..the fact that they ask you to maintain the ranks is really stupid..when it gets into the rank becomes your life no sunlight nothing..i got really sick playing this game but i knew the only way to get this **** out of my head was to complete the grind..went on days without sleep grinding day in day out...

The PVE is rather..easy provided your guild is a good guild..and do the grinding on the rep items with resistance..get your MT with lots of resistance/etc..

But the comparision between pvp and pve is rather seems the pvp side is balanced by the same pve nubs who do the pve content...i mean come the **** is grinding 20-24/7 3-4 months NONSTOP be really a fun game? The addiction kicks in though..

1-60 was fun for the first character for me..from there onwards my next characters were pretty much grinding..killing the same mobs over and over and cycle them..and do the x/x quests arround the same area..

The news of the cross classes is gonna change alot of things in both pvp and pve..having both shamans and pallys on one side is gonna make a massive impact in the game...

I have no plans to go back to WoW..not unless they make pvp a less of a grind..atleast make the decay go away so we can sleep normal hours and get some time off..if you miss 1 day of the cauld pretty much fall back an entire week..and you end up spending 2 weeks to do a 1 week job.. and that happend to me twice..1 was when the cable ****ed up and i lost 2 days of pvp which resulted in my falling back in the grind..and at high ranks its gg..the other was i over slept one 2 days...and alot of people acc shared/grinded..which was also ****ing lame..

Btw this is my first MMO next to GW.
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