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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by d13f00l
If you have a 500mhz k62 with a Geforce 2mx, and it's faster than a 6600GT and an athlon 64 3400, it doesn't matter unless you're using the same hard drive to test them both, with the same software and everything. You can't single out the problem without doing so, it's impossible. There are too many variables.
Well I've a Duron800/FX5200 which is 4 times faster rendering subpixel text than my AMD64/GF6600 and it was _confirmed_ by nvidia that this is a hw-design-problem. So maybe you'll investigate a bit about the whole story before shouting?!

and how computers have worked for ages
GDI was hw-accalerated as long as I can remeber (also X11) and DirectDraw is a dead api which won't be supported any longer, just because Direct3D can do all that but much more _with_ accaleration.
Furthermore DDraw and SDL were designed that you create your images _once_ upload them to vram and then draw these images over and over on a hw-accalerated surface - so except a step which could be compared to texture uploading only hw-accalerated operations are performed.

lg Clemens
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