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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by d13f00l
Can you link me to that info where it was confirmed? A duron can totally be faster than an amd64 if the amd64 is running borked software(broken library, Xorg, etc) and the duron isn't.
No, same software stack, same drivers, averything else. And according to AeronP these numbers make sence (I asked him how this is possible).

Well maybe "design-problem" is a bit too dramatic, but the "problem" lies in hardware, maybe PCI-X is the problem.

Have a look here:
My question:
But then why does a FX5200 outperform a GF6600 powered system with a much faster CPU by a factor of 2?
Have there been some regressions in chip-design which cause this slowdown?

It has to do with bus access patterns. I'm afraid I can't go into a lot of detail.
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