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Default Re: Anyone else with hard lockup with PCI-express?

Originally Posted by avaspell
Do you know if there a fix for this problem coming? I'm running into the same problem with a 7300 using 1080i component output. Hard locks when using Xv.
Oh I forgot that it had the problem with direct component out also. The only workaround I know of is to setup a twinview configuration with the VGA port. You don't have to have anything connected to the VGA port, basically a "fake" twinview config.
Since the VGA port will be the primary sync device, you will see 'tearing' of the video every now and then, but the system will be 'mostly' usuable. After spending a few hundred dollars (multiple PCI-E cards, multiple motherboards and alot of time with kernel/xorg.conf) trying to get a pure digital 1080i, I gave up and spent another $100 on an external VGA->Component transcoder - less headaches.
It's not a hardware problem since 1080i output with video files under Windows works.
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