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Originally Posted by kriko
I'm thinking to buy a heatpipe or some better coller for my vga.
Is Arctic-Cooling NV Silencer 6 Rev.2 compatible with GF6600GT agp (they only mention pci-e version, are there differences between agp and pcie boards?)?
agp 6600s use a PCIe NV43 core and the HSI bridge chip to bridge that PCIe
chip to the AGP bus. for this reason, the AGP version has a totally different
board layout then the PCIe version (there is the extra HSI chip, the GPU core
and memory are rotated by 45 and are on other positions).

If this cooler is compatible with the PCIe verion, it is incompatible with the
AGP version.

also note there appear to be at least 2 different board types of 6600GT AGP.

for a 6600GT, you most likely need to cool not only the GPU, but also the
memory chips and the HSI bridge (though the later two can be cooled passively)
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