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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by K007 must really like the grind then. On blackrock to get Rank 14 was a headache..I spend 20-24 hours a day / 7 days a week grinding day after day doing the same bgs over and over getting in the top and i did it through pugs..the queues on horde side on that server are really long 20-24 mins a game..alliance get instant and alliance can get max players into a game as a group faster than 1 horde getting into a game on there own.

After i did get Rank 14..i quit the game..broke the discs threw it in the trash..and god dam i wish i did it along time ago before WoW destroyed my life...i am now slowly rebuilding my life..and wow..sunlight ftw(pirate)

Whats sad was the fact that Blizzard wanted people to maintain Rank 14..this is next to impossible and to ask to maintain is a ****ing joke. I remember alot of ex-Rank 14 casters who were very upset about the changes because they cauld not get the new (yet needed) caster rank 14 pvp loot. For me..i got Rank 13 on my Warlock and then said..**** this..the staff blows and quickly made a Warrior and grinded him to Rank thing i eva did..if i did get rank 14 on my warlock and waited for the lack of caster loot @ rank 14..i would be pissed even more atm..

But hey..your grave..its an addiction..i hope you dont get addicted to the grind.
I by no means meant that I wanted to hit rank 14. I was thinking more along the lines of Champion, or perhaps Lieutenant General. Before I quit, I was primarily pve and raided with a large guild. We did MC, BWL, AQ, everything but after some squabbles with guild leaders it broke up. Right about then I realized how much fun I WASN'T having. So after not playing for a few weeks, I canceled my account and never looked back. Three months later, I'm watching my friend play his priest. I guess after watching him, no matter how much I dislike the game, I still missed it. So I reactivated my account. I will still raid, but not to the level that I did before. I won't let it run my life, and that goes the same for pvping. I'll do it enough to have fun, maybe get some loot, and that'll be that.
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