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Default Drivers and MPX SMP

I am considering an upgrade of my graphics card -- currently an old Matrox G450 -- because I need at least some 3D capabilities for scientific visualization work that uses OpenGL. The older Workstation cards have come down quite some in price (the FX1000 looks attractive), but I have been reading in many places that there can be compatilibility issues with some of the nVidia cards with the MPX dual Athlon boards (which I use).

Are there any issues I should be aware of using SMP on an MPX motherboard running FreeBSD 6.1 with nVidia's drivers with older AGP workstation cards? I'd be using dual CRTs, but I don't think that would cause any issues. Would the most recent drivers support this configuration well?

Thanks! Sharing of any experiences, either negative or positive, would be most appreciated.

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