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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by SaTaN0rX
so there is nothing that nvidia can do about this problem. it's up tp trolltech
or kde to solve it.
Yes you're right. Man why I didn't see it before - nvidia is so great.
I should have considered it before: The application which requests text-rendering is the problem, not the driver/hw actually doing the job worng. I write trolltech that they should remove all text rendering needs out of QT and use smbols instead.

There are several things which could be done:

1.) Batch drawing commands a bit and try to readback larger areas. This would help programs with a lot of text (konsole, kwrite).

2.) Provide accaleration for boards capable of executing shaders (FX5200 and up). This would be a very good long-term solution however I doubt lower-end cards (FX5200, GF6200) will benefit a lot.

lg Clemens
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