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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by brewt
Does anyone still have the qtperf source code (the link isn't working for me)? I'm trying to figure out where sub-pixel rendering is slow. I loaded a file in kwrite, checked that it was doing sub-pixel rendering and scrolling and redrawing seemed pretty decent on my system (A64 X2 3800+, 6200 PCI-E).
The scrolling and redrawing is actually fine if your system specs are pretty good (which yours are), the problem is that scrolling or any kind of moving/redrawing eats up the cpu so if something else is going on that actually needs the cpu then one or the other is going to get affected. I never really notice a performance hit, what I notice is the cpu temp going up and the fan noise along with it while the vid card temps stay at their normal (high) temps.

The trolltech/kde problem theory is a bit comical too. Of course they should fix what's obviously their problem that only affects one hardware vendors cards of certain models with certain drivers... so obvious.
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