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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by _fLaK_mOnKeY_
I by no means meant that I wanted to hit rank 14. I was thinking more along the lines of Champion, or perhaps Lieutenant General. Before I quit, I was primarily pve and raided with a large guild. We did MC, BWL, AQ, everything but after some squabbles with guild leaders it broke up. Right about then I realized how much fun I WASN'T having. So after not playing for a few weeks, I canceled my account and never looked back. Three months later, I'm watching my friend play his priest. I guess after watching him, no matter how much I dislike the game, I still missed it. So I reactivated my account. I will still raid, but not to the level that I did before. I won't let it run my life, and that goes the same for pvping. I'll do it enough to have fun, maybe get some loot, and that'll be that.

Just some facts in the past what the PVE nubs at blizzard did to the PVP System.

First they removed the way you can buy items for PvP Related..they made it so that only the "Current Rank" can have the restriction..your "Highest Rank" was removed. ( was REMOVED)

Second. The recent patch made alot of casual players...really angry..they made the Tier 1 PVP Set a new set (added stats/ know..needed omg..pve gear > wtf?) so they changed this and made them pretty good for pvp...but what did they do? They made it a new armor set..and made ex-rank 10's to repurchase them.. Rank 12-13 item (AKA Tier 2 PVP) was updated alot..i was happy to see the big changes..big big changes for warrior..massive stat boost/etc..for pvp..but they made em 'retroactive' updated on the fly... Much like the past changes they made to the PVE Items...(note..CHANGES/Stat CHANGES..not new items)

Third New Rank 14 items..i was unaffected by the new change as a warrior i brought everything..and even pvped with the HWL Staff =). But..the Ex- Rank 14 screwed big time over..alot of the new items were items that SHOULD have been there in the first place SINCE day 1. I mean..come on..even the pve carebears gotta agree with was completely lame by Blizzard to do this..

So keep these in mind when you decide to get hooked onto the pvp grind..if this is how Blizzard plans to treat hardcore pvpers who put 20-24 hours a day grinding day in day out..and just spit on there face and ask them to re-grind...worst..MAINTAIN RANK 14?..That was the final stroke for me..I was Rank 14 awhile..maybe 2-3 weeks before the new patch went live on the servers..for me the changes had little effect as i was a warrior..but this is how the future will be..this is how Blizzard treats the hardcore PvP is simply not worth the time/effort put in.

Just Remember..these changes were needed..thats why the T2 Armor for PVP Was recroactive(sp?) because it was very weak even against those pve sets.. When changes were made to PvE items..they were changed the moment u relogged didn't have to regrind the items..this is what happend to the Tier 1 Set for have to regrind them.

Ontop of the cruel pvp decay on the can Blizzard ask hardcore pvpers to pvp 20-24 hours a day for eva....I Was actually grinding a Warlock to Rank 14 and was hoping to see when Blizzard finally got of there god dam asses and gave casters items that was lacking soo much for pvp..the hwl staff blows compare that to the AB Staff..u give up a small stat / dmg for a 2% crit..consider the stat loss vs the time needed to spend to get to Rank 14..i think the Iron Bark comes out on top..just like how the 7900GT is the best bang for buck card..=).

I mean come on..i spend like 3-4 months doing 1 warrior..ontop fo that 2-3 months on my warlock..and over 4 months on my first warlock(different server)..i was glad/dissapointed at the same time of 1.12...i was glad because i made the warrior my maint target for Rank 14..i was Rank 13 on my lock..i would have been heart brocken when this patch came out if i was a ex-rank 14 caster...very sad of blizzard to do this..and thats when i just ****ing took my discs..broke it in half and threw it in the bin.Dont have the game installed dont want it..but i do follow the story as i hope that expantion might make pvp..FUN/Skill vs Grind/Gear..**** the gear..just cut the grind requrement...

IT is not till you hit rank 12+ you realise how hard the decay hits you..its brutal.

You prey each week that your pc dosen't crash and you miss an ab or wsg..(20-30 mins on horde the queue)..ganking in BRM/All over was what alot of horde did..aa the alliance..they move in 40 when they come into BRM ><.....but you prey no crash..your cable dosen't die..(mine did..and i had to pvp 2 weeks more to recover the loss...of 1 ****ING day? I mean WTF?!?!)

Wtf is the pvp design team at blizzard smoking? I Bet you everything i have that Blizzrad dosen't have a single ****ing Rank 14 player or even a Rank 12+ that did the grind on there own..on a good server..i bet you that they dont..only Rank 14 people in the Blizzard team are those with access to admin rights to make items appear on there bags /etc..i mean hello..they had to cheat on the "take on the blizzard pvp team"...

I am back to good old FPS and good nights sleep/work/life . The day i broke the discs was the day i broke free from this game..1.12 = the patch that broke me from WoW ..just like 1.10 did for all i say is.."OMFG..WTFBBQ Headshot?!"

Just for the love of god those who are looking at the pvp system..dont get hooked onto it..stay away from is very addictive..the grind gets you very is like a drug..and trust aint worth it..not after what blizzard did..atleast wait till they fix the system..thats what..alot of people have been waiting for..the real fix to the honor system and the ranks..
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