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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

Like many of you im Just sitting bored and searching for a new games, I came across this new Space game thats called Emperium - Online looks very promising.

Its being made in Russia, and the Dev team are always talking to the forum people & answering questions usually every Friday - but what might be the coolest thing is that capitol ships will be multi player, you also can get out of your ship in space stations and do FPS there as well. this game seems to be unique in many cases - kinda like a cross between E & B and Eve online, so I got on the forum which just started recently, there going to start testing with in a few weeks and it was stated by the Dev's that active forum members that have experience with space mmo's will be in on the action to give them feed back on it - now theres no guarantee you'll get in on the first test run but getting in now and voicing your opinions will help create the game you want to play- this will be pre alpha testing were told so we can literally shape how the game works.

If any thing you should go check out the forums and see if its for you, I know I was bored as heck and this just might open up possibilities!

Heres a short Video link of the game, its just a quick look they put out for us to see, and we were reminded that its not a finished, but just so we can see where they are in development.
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