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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Some KDE applications are affected, not all. KEdit is fine, KWrite is not. It happens with all drivers to some degree, except really old Nvidia drivers that wern't slow because they rendered the text improperly. GTK apps are much better in terms of CPU usage when subpixel hinting on.
All apps are affected which draw glyphs via subpixel-aa to native surfaces (screen, pixmaps). No matter wether you use gtk, xlib or qt. About 4 months ago I wrote microbenchmarks.
But however since I assume you can't code (really well) ... you just have to trust me.

that KDE apps are just broken in general.
Ah yep - broken in general. How could I've missed that ;-)
Man you're .... ****** ;-)

It's _MOSTLY_ a KDE issue. But right, people with faster PCs won't notice the issue.
I've an amd64 machine and it suffers a lot. Do you think I would scream that much if I would not notice the problems *lol*
Notice that readback performance stays quite the same no matter wether you own an sempron 2800+ or an athlon64 X2 5000.

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