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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Originally Posted by gnutux
WHO CARES?!?! SERIOUSLY!! Binary or opensource drivers, who actually cares. They work anyways and NVIDIA is doing a great job on making the drivers uber. If they're doing something so great and they don't want to let out thier trade secrets, then fine, let them be. You should complain to ATI then for making crappy drivers and they might step on it or even opensource it.
No need to shout really. I never said it was wrong to use proprietary drivers, i just asked what were the opinions on the subject. Actually i'm fine using proprietary software. I just said that, considering the way FOSS is developed, it is "better" to have open source drivers, because it makes developers' work easier in many ways. So when you ask "who cares ?", they much really do. Of course, for the casual user, the license and availability of the code is irrelevant, this isn't news. But the things is, even though they don't know it, what is good for the developers is good for the users. Moreover, a free 3d accelerated driver allows users to use 3d applications out of the box, without the need to install a driver manually (though many distros support the nvidia drivers).

Thanks for your input tough.
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