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Default [Ubuntu] nVidia driver 1.0.8762 and black screen


I've just installed the latest nVidia driver available on the Ubuntu distribution (1.0.8762) and I get something really strange when I boot my computer:

I have the ubuntu splash and then the X server is normally launched. But after that, all what I get is a black screen. Then, when I type CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to kill the X server, I first see - during one second - the console prompt to login which is not at the good spot on the screen - centered in the middle - then, everything works fine, the nVidia logo appears and the login screen too.

The problem is just that I need to kill the X server every time I boot and sorry but it sucks, that's something I really don't understand, could someone help me?

I've a Geforce 2Go on a Packard Bell Ipower 7000 series running under Ubuntu Dapper.

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