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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

I'm trying out gtkperf

Nvidia Driver: Subpixel Hinting off, no font hinting, or anything

1sec for GTKDrawingArea - Text test
Subpixel On

Trying the Vesa driver now

1.5 GTKDrawingArea - Text test w/ subpixel off
2.5 with it on

Ok...Vesa is 2.5 vs Nvidia's 13s...nevermind

I'm an idiot, something obviously _IS_ wrong with the Nvidia driver, but I wonder what that is?

Just an idea, but do you know if GTK/QT/XFT does direct pixel manipulation in VRam to render fonts? Couldn't that cause speed issues? It'd be better to copy the entire thing to system ram first, then edit it, then upload it to the card.

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