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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Originally Posted by acreal
That's the first line : "I use the binary driver and use 3d acceleration."

If the free driver was feature complete, nobody (or few) would use the binary driver. Distros would ship with the free driver and people would have no reason to look further.
well, "feature complete" includes the same performance.


ATi has opened the specs for their 8500, and the DRI driver was
written. Later, ATi released the FireGL8800, together with their closed source
frglx driver. ppl figured out how to get the frglx driver working with the
8500, and switched drom dri to frglx due to the added performance.

The end of the story: ATi concentrated on the frglx driver, and kept te specs
for the newer generation cards closed.

IMHO For most persons out there (that really need 3D) , performance is more
important then "free" (as in freedom, blah)

where really need 3D means for gaming, CAD, etc ... i think even via integrated
is fast enough for 3D desktop eyecandy or OpenGL screensavers, but if you really
need performance, then most will accept closed source.

ok, and: open source drivers will always offer less performance, because:
*) open source programmers want to write high quality, maintainable code instead of adding ugly hacks that increase performance
*) open source programmers tend to fix "bugs" like doing lot of stuff in
hard interrupt context, or programming the whole opengl core in the kernel. This could make the system more responsive and stable, but leads to decreased performance
*) open source programmers can't look in te codebase of games, and add tweaks for games based upon this knowledge. (as long as games are closed source )

PS: please don't start a flamewar, now. This statement respects my oppinon,
and is not the objective truth, i'm aware of that.

I know that there are people out there that think that a free driver is worth a
performance degradation. The only thing i'm trying to say is that this people
are the minority.

Still, i might be wrong. To proove my these, you could start a poll:
would you accept less performance for a free driver? yes/no
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