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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Interesting post SaTarNOrX, though i disagree on most points.

well, "feature complete" includes the same performance.
Yes, of course, or at least in the same range. Though the main criteria is probably being able to do what we wanna do without problems/slowdowns etc.

IMHO For most persons out there (that really need 3D) , performance is more important then "free" (as in freedom, blah)
IMO too.

Now about the "fact" that open source drivers are de facto less performant, if found them doubtful, to say the least.

*) open source programmers want to write high quality, maintainable code instead of adding ugly hacks that increase performance
Hmm... generalization is often misleading Besides, i don't know where you get the idea you need ugly hacks to increase performance.

*) open source programmers tend to fix "bugs" like doing lot of stuff in hard interrupt context, or programming the whole opengl core in the kernel. This could make the system more responsive and stable, but leads to decreased performance
Actually SoftIRQs/Tasklets increase performance. Because deferring non-critical work in interrupt handlers ensures lower response times for, well, critical tasks. This is essential for network throughput.

About GL, is it a userspace library, so you may be confusing this with DRI and DRM the framework allowing for fast and secure acces to graphic hardware (and designed to speed up GL operations).

*) open source programmers can't look in the codebase of games, and add tweaks for games based upon this knowledge. (as long as games are closed source )
Well neither the drivers' writers, nor Microsoft does have access to the code of those games, so they can't really add these "magical tweaks" either.

I know that there are people out there that think that a free driver is worth a performance degradation. The only thing i'm trying to say is that this people are the minority.
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