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Default Re: Drivers and MPX SMP

Thanks again from the reply. If I pursue anecdotal information, then, it should be specific to FreeBSD and MPX SMP. That does limit the universe a bit!

I may well try the 440MMX, but it will have to be deferred for about a week. I am in crunch mode (a major proposal is due shortly) and these sorts of things take a lot of work.

One other question, if I may. I have read conflicting things about the OpenGL version supported by the earlier FX series of workstation cards (the 1000/1100/2000/3000). Claimed OpenGL support ranges from 1.4 to 2.0. Is this handled by the driver, or are there different versions of the cards? Namely, need I be concerned about the version of hardware, or would a current driver take care of it?

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