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Default Re: X11R7.1 about to enter FC5-updates. Driver support?

OK, so assuming it follows the release plan of X and the kernel, NVIDIA is even more behind. ;-) 7.1 has been out for a little while now.

Also, Ubuntu Edgy just pushed 7.1. It's still only half in (all the Open Source driver packages aren't updated yet either, for example, so you get fun ABI mismatches even without the proprietary drivers right now) but I expect it to be fully in place within a day or so.

It's definitely getting to be that time where the NVIDIA driver release would be useful. ;-)

(For the record, I'm running the proprietary drivers on 7.1 eith the -IgnoreABI switch with no problems at all right now. Still not nifty GL compositing, of course.)
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