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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

If there would be an open source, free, driver for nvidia cards supporting 3D, but only at 50% of the speed the current binary driver offers, I would take the open source choice immediately, without hesitation. At least someone seems to be trying to get it done: < >

I have even been thinking of switching my GF4Ti4800 to an Ati 9200-series card, as those should have an open source 3d-support. Now if someone just sold me one...

This is on my home computer, where I rarely actually need 3D, but sometimes I do play games. I work in Lappeenranta University of Technology and I do stuff that nowadays requires 3D-acceleration. Even there I would switch to free nvidia drivers if they would provide just enough power to get my work going. And if a free driver would exist for any middle-class or better graphics card, that vendor would get my love. And money. Do you know any? I don't.

From recently I will do everything I can to avoid buying hardware that requires closed source drivers. Closed source user space parts I would probably accept, but not in the kernel, not anymore.

The link golding posted is a pearl, and here's another one:
< >

I know I may have to wait for a long time, but in the mean time I will be watching < >, who knows, maybe I'll end up bying their devel board.
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