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Default Re: Problem with 6800GS+graphical installation

Originally Posted by Kaf
When I try to start graphical installation of:
a)fedora core 5
c)kubuntu (without the safe graphics mode)
d)Suse 9.1
e)Suse 10.0
I get some weird vertical lines (the ones in the images) and the X server freezes. Only mandriva supports my card for now and i have started to believe that something is REALLY wrong. Take a look here:

All those distros i mentioned install without any problems in text mode (well, at least the ones that support text mode installation), but the graphics problem remains. I want to install FC5 for now or kubuntu
well, i really really REALLY hope someone here has seen this problem again and wants to help me. Thanks in advance.
My card is an XFX 6800GS XXX edition, has worked flawlessly until now and it is still working flawlessly under Windows or Mandriva
Please see:
Your problem seems to be opensource nv driver bug.
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