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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Originally Posted by cjcox
If AMD+ATI releases there drivers as "free" (FOSS),
Is there any sign this would happen? ATI's drivers are binary-only too.

Sometimes I wish all this whining about free drivers would stop. When you want your free driver, write it. Or setup your own video card manufacturing company that makes boards and gives free drivers with them.

I fully understand the need to hide trade secrets and as long as the manufacturer tracks kernel developments (like nvidia and vmware do) I am happy to include binary modules in the kernel.
(this, for example, means I won't buy adaptec controllers for which that company releases binary drivers at the time the product is developed, and then never updates them when new kernels appear. so you are stuck)

I think instead of whining about free drivers, we better ask for more features (in-line with the features available in Windows). That is more constructive.
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