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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Originally Posted by pe1chl
When you want your free driver, write it. Or setup your own video card manufacturing company that makes boards and gives free drivers with them.
I would do those things if I just could. I believe many other people would do that too. The problem is, it is extremely hard or impossible in the current situation. Why is nouveau not already having a somewhat working driver, even when there are FOSS drivers for BeOS that support even 3D in some sense?

I am almost (meaning not quite) wishing that the binary drivers would just die. It would put more pressure to develop FOSS drivers.

Yesterday I updated to Wine 0.9.18, and it froze my home computer totally. I snapped. I deleted every trace of the nvidia binary driver, and switched to the free nv driver. I practically lost 3D-support. I lost the second head on my display card. Yet, I feel releaved. TV-card overlay works fine. Now I can update the kernel more often and more recent versions, as I know I can complain, if something breaks. Having a single illegal driver in the kernel prevented me from getting help and denied even the possibility to give anything back to the kernel community. And now I can use the latest

Unfortunately I cannot do that at work, because there I depend on 3D-acceleration.

I think I am going to take a look at the BeOS drivers to see how they do dual head. That feature is now the first on my wish list, although I fear I do not have what it takes to help it happen.

PS. The freeze I mentioned has happened before, and seems to be connected to versions of Wine and nvidia binaries. Complete freeze at the instant I launch any 3d-game via Wine. No logs, no error messages, nothing to debug on. And at the same time native 3d-games run perfectly. But this is off topic.
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