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Default Let's see the 3D Mark 2003 IQ issues differently, shall we?

Hey everyone,

I've gotten quite annoyed by all of the noise going into the GeForce FX overbright issues in GT4: Mother Nature.

Because of this, people want to compare the GeForce FX 5x00 43.03 drivers with the Radeon 9x00.
Well let me say you one thing: that doesn't make sense.

I'm not a lame nVidia fanboy who is going to say you that 3DMark didn't program the thing correctly, that those IQ issues are unimportant, stuff like that. No, that's even worse.

What I'm annoyed by, however, is that people fail to realize that with the 43.45 drivers, there are no apparent IQ issues in GT1, GT2 and GT3 - only in GT4.
If there are issues in those games, I stand corrected. But so far, no one has shown me any.

Okay, so what's my point? My point is that any serious programmer, or at least any programmer who's a nVidia registered developer ( and there are a *lot* of them ) , would program GT2 & GT3 in a way more similar to what nVidia did by doing driver hacks.
But the same programmer wouldn't implement what nVidia did for GT4.

So what?

Well, the 3DMark 2003 score is calculated by multiplying the game scores by different numbers, then adding the results.
And the numbers are *public*

So why couldn't we calculate the GeForce FX score manually, if we truly wanted to be fair?

Considering the 3DMark 2003 results from and the method explained at

We've got, using 43.03 for GT4 and 43.45 for GT1, GT2 & GT3:

1306.7 +
1287.6 +
1361.19 +
= 4551

That's better than the 43.03 score of 3288, ain't it? But it's obviously worse than the 43.45 score of 5379.

Oh, sure, nVidia is still "cheating" for GT1, GT2 and GT3 considering that. But what proofs you they aren't going to cheat similarly in real games, too? If it doesn't result in IQ issues, I personally don't care.

In hope you people don't consider me as a faboy after this,

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