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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Originally Posted by cjcox
Rumors are that AMD may open them up.
The day they do, I yank my nVidia out of the box and I go get an ATI card.

Seriously, I used to be pretty impressed with nVidia when I had my MX400, because (apparently out of sheer luck from what I can read on several forums) I never had any problem with it. Silly me, now that I do have problem, I sit there looking at this stupid nv-kernel.o file in the nvidia distribution, that I can't even *try* to fix. As a programmer it frustrates the heck out of me.

Bottom line is: closed source is fine as long as the company stands behind the product, is proactive and has the man/hours to devote to people's problems. Since almost none of the companies I've had to deal with professionally and as a customer seems to, being happy with a product you just bought is a bit of luck, and finding support for a long time for it is even luckier. Case in point: I can still use my old S3Virge video card today with Xorg, but the new nVidia drivers breaks my recent FX5200 and creates a whole bunch of new problems in the MX400 that it didn't have before, and I'm quite sure nVidia doesn't give a toss about my old hardware...
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