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Default Twinview Clone Gnome Screen Size Problems

Since it's initial install and config, my Gentoo/Gnome nVidia Twinview config on my Toshiba laptop, whenever I had it docked connected to the external LCD monitor, my 1600x1200 screen would fill with the desktop background, but the Gnome menu bars would be sized and positioned on the screen for the laptop's 1400x1050 screen size. For example the bottom menu bar would be sitting 3/4 of the way down the screen. I can use the entire space fine, and after deleting the bottom menu bar, it was workable. Whenever I would undock the laptop, the Gnome screen would obviously be sized perfectly to the 1400x1050 laptop screen size.

Installing Xgl, I was pleased with the performance and have been using it for several updates. During one update I was pleasantly surprised to see the docked screen behavior change to using the entire screen. The Gnome menu bar went across the entire screen, and the GDM login screen went fullsize as well. I changed nothing with my xorg.conf settings during this entire time period. I've narrowed it down to this, running xgl-0.0.1_pre20060714 I get this perfect docked vs. undocked behavior, when I update it to xgl-0.0.1_pre20060714-r1, it goes back to the previous kludged behavior.

My questions are;

1) Should Twinview do cloned screens to full size?

2) Does it require Xinerama support in order to do this?

3) Any configuration that needs to be setup in order to enable this?

My xorg.conf is enclosed below. TIA


BTW, is this feature called anything in particular?
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