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Default SBA/FW problems?

Last week on a whim I activated SBA+FW on my GF3.
Holy Crap! Lock-up city in WinMe and Safe-Mode!

I couldn't deactivate the settings unless I re-installed WinMe.
It would freeze @ desktop and in Safe-Mode (no-reg boot)

Had to put my GF2 back in (it was stable w/SBA+FW) to
deactivate the settings in RivaTuner.

GF3 works great again! I don't know which setting borked
my card. I think it's SBA, or a combi of both?

Anyways, to me, it's not worth the system instability.

Soyo sv7a - P3 933 (Via 133a) 4in1-turbo 4x agp.
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