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Default Re: Quad Display (all with 3d acceleration) on Dual or Quad PCIe/PCI

Thank you Bernhard!!!

After months of stuffing about, I finally had so many other tasks I wanted to avoid that I came back to this.

I now have
four 1280x960 22" Diamondtron CRTs running off:
two Gigabyte 6200TC video cards (full size, not SFF), running off:
one Gigabyte K8N-Pro-SLI motherboard, in the PCI x16 slots, with SLI mode on.

The cards don't support SLI, but they need RLI mode is required for the second card to function at all.

I tried with Twinview + Xinerama, but I got two double sized displays, which was rather irritating for maximising, etc..

I am using straight Xinerama and it seems fine. I can run a video overlay across all four screens at once, which is nice. GL also works spanned across the displays, but anything over 4096px wide will revert to software mode - yuck.

For my next challenge, I will be adding modes to the screens to try and drop the resolution, so my screen saver will run at quad 1024x768 instead of quad 1280x960.

You can tell I _really_ need the GL hey... :-p
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