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Default Re: Quad Display (all with 3d acceleration) on Dual or Quad PCIe/PCI

While I don't get SLI, I do get some benefit when GLX gears goes across the two cards.

screen 0 & 1 run on card 0
screen 2 & 3 run on card 1

glx gears (at default size)

on screen 0: ~1400 FPS
on screen 0&1: ~1100 FPS
on screen 1&2: ~1800 FPS

it will also run better in full screen on 1&2 vs 0&1 or 2&3, as both cards can work on it in 1&2.

glx gears (streched to max size of the screens)

on screens 0,1,2 : ~41 FPS
on screens 0,1,2,3: ~1 FPS (fallback to software mode for >4096 GL width).

I was quite happy with how well it was optimised - I didn'd really expect it to work that nicely.
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