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Default Re: Convert working SuSE twinview to Ubuntu

here's my twinview conf, with some notes for you (I don't use this one, because I have four displays, and running them all directly withXinerama works better in that environment, but you won't learn much from looking at that). This conf is Xinerama running two twinview setups, just delete the bits that you obviously don't need.

run 'lspci' to find out what the PCI bus ID is for your graphics card - that's always a good thing to know :-)

The .conf is for Fedora Core 5.

I adjusted it after looking at the configurations provided by Bernhard (see the only other thread I've posted in), and also the configurations for Gentoo.

Google for:
gentoo twinview

and you'll find all you need.

the conf files you've posted don'tl look very clean... have you managed to autogenerate something with the nvidia tool?

and do you have a Wacom tablet? If so, how does it go with TwinView?
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